Overview of PEO Year
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Responsibilities of All Officers

International Officers (link)
Local Chapter Presidents 2017–2018 (link)
Past State Presidents: PSP Contact Information | Conventions and Themes

Download 2018–2019 State President’s Logo
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Circularization Request Form & What is Circularization • See Resources below for SKIT on Circularization
Cottey travel reimbursement form: Word | PDF
Project Donation Forms for Chapters and Individuals (link)
Add New Treasurer on Bank Account Form (Local Chapter) Word | PDF
P.E.O. Wish (P.E.O. Will): Word | PDF

Qualification for Board Nomination and Prospective Nominee Information Form 2018

Volunteer for a State Committee in 2018–2019! Here are your forms . . . • Word Fill & Print | • PDF Print & Fill

What to Know – Answers to common questions about our traditions and procedures. Download and print this brochure for your new members!
Fundraising Policy
List of Supplies for Officers of Local Chapters
State Convention Report Guidelines 2018 for Delegates
The P.E.O. Style Guide — The last word in correct style when writing for and about P.E.O.
Record Article and Photo Submission Guidelines

2018-2019 Yearbook Guidelines and Eval – Word

2018 President’s Letter Guidelines from the State Historian

Circularization Skit: “Ask Emily”: Word| PDF
Mentoring Skit: “Nelly Newby Chooses a Mentor” – The Mentoring Game

Chapter Health Survey – How does your chapter score?
Family meeting – What is it? When do we need one?
Mentoring New Members – Three-year plan: A must-read!
Officer Transition Meeting – Banish confusion, create order!